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Leadership and Management Coaching

Ready to rise as a standout leader in the accounting world? CPA Leadership Coaching is your catalyst for success. Gain the skillset, mindset, and toolset to excel as a confident and influential leader.


From honing your style to mastering communication and decision-making, we guide you on a transformative journey.


Take charge of your career, inspire teams, and drive positive change. Unlock your leadership potential today!

Core Coaching Areas

Strategic Leadership

Developing the ability to think strategically, set a vision, and make effective decisions that align with organizational goals.

Team Leadership

Effective team leadership is essential for fostering collaboration, maximizing productivity, and driving success in any organization. 

Support on hiring, retention, and coaching/training.

Emotional Intelligence

Enhancing self-awareness, empathy, and relationship-building skills to lead and create a positive work environment.

Change Management

Developing skills to lead and navigate through organizational change, managing resistance, and inspiring a positive mindset amidst uncertainty.

Communication and Influence

Improving communication techniques, including active listening, effective feedback, coaching, and empathetic communication to motivate and inspire others.

Mindset and Resilience

Cultivating a growth mindset, developing resilience, and fostering a positive mindset to overcome challenges, adapt to change, and inspire others.

What Our Clients Say

IMG_2548 (1)_edited.jpg

Annie, Director of Finance

"Casey is very experienced in the Accounting industry and truly understood what I was going through. He coached me through my burnout toward strategies I can take to focus my energy and scale up my leadership."

How to work with us

For employers

If you would like to arrange coaching services for your leadership and management team, please contact us directly below. 

We can arrange a tailored coaching plan to fit the needs of your organzation.

For employees

If you would like to receive coaching services, you can schedule a consultation directly below. 

We recommend you inquire with your HR team about Professional Development budget / benefits available for coaching.

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